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Wow, I've had this account for a year and nothing has come of it. Wow.
No, really, I do want to do something with it, but what? Okay. Okay.
Thoughts -
1. diary (who would want to hear about me? maybe just short accounts of how i feel/blah?)
2. rants/reviews on things i've read
3. music talk except that wouldn't do it'd just be a lot of "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"
4. i really like literary rants
5. some fics i've written except that's not many and none of them get anywhere. they're just chunks of things i probably won't finish?
6. tv show/movie/media rants/feelings, though that wouldn't be many
7. some fiction/non-fiction i've written that i won't ever feel like publishing? or maybe some poems?
8. some sims stuff? i play ts2, 4, and now 1.

I should probably read around on different journals, get a feel for the different types, and go from there, see what I want to become.
I got a tumblr and I'm on that a lot, but I still really like this place, even though I'm new, and I like how - intimate it feels? You have to search to find people and even then - you might not see everything. It's all reading, not just visuals, and it takes time. I like something like that.
Okay, well I'm off to be productive. My letter to one of my best friends is three (3!) weeks late and I have a test tomorrow. До свидания!


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