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I NEED to get this playlist out, it's been sitting on my Spotify for months, literally a year by now, and I haven't been able to share it because I don't own all the songs so I can't put it on 8tracks. But now I need a small break from Prose Edda and just finally share this playlist on this quiet account that I've done nothing with so far.
Senior year, AP Lit, we read Tess of the D'Urbervilles by Hardy. Great book, great to throw around your room in rage and crying because come on. Tess's life sucks and she's a beautiful angel that deserves nothing and she makes shit decisions and can only half-read people. Of course her eventual husband, Angel, is a whole other bag of rage and love. I MADE THIS TWO PART PLAYLIST TO DEAL WITH FEELS. Also the songs hit me and I'm like "IT'S THEM". So here it is.
Part i is in no particular order, just going by sound, whereas I tried my hardest to put Part ii in chrono order. Bonus is not canon at all, but it's my own response to the book.
*warning: LOTS of mumford & sons. And repeated artists. I'm sorry.*

Part i - "what they should have been"
1. i want to know your plans - say anything
2. i'll believe in anything - wolf parade
3. young and beautiful - lana del rey
4. touches you - MIKA
5. smiling swine - the dear hunter
6. not with haste - mumford & sons
7. the war within - churchill

Part ii - "what they are"
1. dream #1 - elton john
2. all this and heaven too - florence + the machine
3. tightrope (acoustic) - walk the moon
4. holland road - mumford & sons
5. hardest of hearts - florence + the machine
6. change - churchill
7. we used to wait - arcade fire
8. lover's eyes - mumford & sons
(BONUS) all men are pigs - studio killers


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