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I finished the first game I think three or four weeks ago now? I haven't gotten TOO far into ME2, but I'm slowly working my way through. I HATE the combat on ME2; I'm too used to (and lowkey still in love with) the combat in ME1, so. That's probably why. I am getting used to it though! I haven't bought ME3 yet, but if it goes on sale on Origin or Amazon . . . I'm buying IMMEDIATELY.

I weirdly feel like I made a MISTAKE with this first playthrough. Not any big mistake, but a mistake for myself. I decided that my first Shepard would be an AU version of an OC of mine because sometimes that's what I do in games. Not a bad strategy, I don't think. But this stopped me from really playing by getting to know Shepard and form her around my idea of an original Shepard. I don't know, maybe this all sounds dumb?
But maybe I'm missing out?
Anyway, I do really love this game, and it's interesting to choose options and everything - this is my first role-playing game if . . . that's not obvious.

There have been plenty of scenes that match the character of my OC, Lysander, who used to be named Alex. Sometimes the options match her but not perfectly, like some instances she would have been more . . . diplomatic? Manipulative? Idk, BUT! There was one moment in ME2 that was EXPLICITLY HER, EXPLICITLY ALEX, the piece of her past and self she keeps locked up.
Illium, helping to sell the quarian-slave/indentured servant. She goes to the Synthetic Company, tries to talking to them, and the lady straight up says, "It looks so bad, so bad, if we buy a slave. And AI's are looked down on-"
And that whole answer Shep gives her?
"It sounds like Synthetic Insights is worried about its reputation. Hiring this quarian will help. . . . Purchase the contract, minus the fee for early emancipation. Then free the quarian and garnish wages for reimbursement."
The asari catches on, and it's a sealed deal. It was PERFECT, IT'S THE MOST ALEX THING LYSANDER HAS SAID THIS WHOLE GAME SERIES.
Which makes sense since Lysander always tries to put on a good face, not be SO blunt with how she manipulates situations and people, but. That was amazing. It was like her old days on Earth with her twin.

Oh yes. My Shepard has a twin. Again, they were OCs BEFORE Mass Effect, so it's not like a cliche or anything. I have multiple AUs about what her twin is up to and how they reunite, but they lived on the streets and were good at the sort of underhand business thinking Shep just showed in her dealing with the asari.
Just. It was great. <3

Okay, enough from me for now. Back to work.
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