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so i have to start a blog for class. who knew that was a criteria for my Digital Media Writing class? i did, i knew right when i signed up. what a MISTAKE.
okay not a mistake. i took this class for future jobs and internships. but.
here's the thing: i am AWFUL at blogs. i've never had a blog. tumblr doesn't count. this journal may be a blog? i don't know, i'm counting it not as a blog but as proof that i'm BAD at blogs. i don't know how to make posts about my ideas! i don't know how write things for the internet and not feel anxious and leave my writing alone! i don't know how to come up with ideas! i'm awful at ideas! which is really unfortunate since my life. .. . is gonna be based on creative writing. i know, i've dug myself into a hole.
i talked with my teacher, and she helped me see some bright side, some ideas of what to do. she said the mission statement or the goal for the blog is what's most important. i just have to mull it over and pick.
so here's the list:
1. some sort of copyediting blog (since i want to go into publishing)
a. a review blog on recently published stories/books/etc
b. keeping up with publishing trends
c. finding new authors and checking them out
d. a blog on misprints and copyediting, going through mistakes and explaining why they are mistakes
2. review a tv show blog
a. as in, watch one show, rate each episode and such. potential for funny
3. writing prompt blog (maybe not good if i want to publish any of those pieces)

I'm leaning towards 1a, 1c, and 3. I gotta choose, explore, brainstorm, and then pitch this friday. wish me luck, whoever is reading this.


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