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I just watched the two latest episodes of Scream Queens, 2.3 & 2.4, so spoilers-

in 2.3 the Chanels, Zayday, Munsch, and Denise go check out a lead Hester gave them, and i loved how the former nurse just slaps them in the face with this story, the one viewers already know, and says "LOOK THIS IS DEFINITELY THE MURDERER." i'm still iffy on if the story IS relative - Hester says it is, but well, when can we ever trust Hester? plus, Hester lead them to this story anyway, so what is she's just trying to manipulate them? but the narrative told viewers the story first, so it must be relative in SOME way. . . but it's a little boring, if i'm being honest. i'm still entertained! i still want to know who the Green Meanie is! and what Munsch needs cured. but this is kind of like last season, and a part of me likes the parallel, yet a part of me doesn't. oh well, i'll live.
i love how self-aware this show still is. like when Munsch got attached a few eps back, and she was about to unmask the killer - that was perfect. and some of the murders are still a little funny! the orgasm-lady's death was funny because she's surrounded by Zayday and the other guy who's name i forgot (Chamberlin?) yet the Green Meanie shows up around the corner and throws his blade perfectly to decapitate her. it's a little unrealistic, but i like it. also a part of me does suspect Chamberlin, and this was partially a stunt to show he's "not the Green Meanie!" yet he might be a part of the group. i like the idea that there's just one killer this time, but i'm all up for another masked group. last season was fun.
i want to know why the Green Meanie keeps refraining from killing the girls. why? what's that about? he did mean to kill Chanel #5 but it seems she SURVIVED???
okay, here's where i have a problem.
THEY FREAKING KILLED OFF DENISE. DENISE HEMPHILL. she's apparently a guest star, but no? she's a STAR, SHE SHINES SO BRIGHT AND WONDERFUL and she's one of my favorite parts of the show. Scream Queens needs Denise. she is naturally funny, in your face funny and witty and i love her and THEY KILLED HER BUT LET CHANEL #5 LIVE. i would be okay with 5 dying, she was getting annoying anyway! she's a core part of the Chanels, always the butt monkey, and i would be shocked if she died! but not entirely disappointed. Denise on the other hand? her relationship with the late Chad Radwell (bless his twisted hear, rest in peace you hilarious douche), her headbutts with Chanel, and her all around Quantico-schtick is an important piece of the show - she's not a needed character, exactly, but she is a WANTED character. i wouldn't be as invested if not for her. she's a favorite character. the same with Chad, honestly. i didn't expect him to show up in this season, but show up he did! And die he did, and I'm a little sad but I loved that wedding scene so his death was a plus. and then Denise kept wearing Chanel's wedding dress! AH, perfect. and AND that scene between Holt and Chad, where he wants the best for Chanel, was pretty adorable and cute coming from Chad. i mean, he said some awful things but they were hilarious because we would expect nothing less from him.
and of course Hester is after the Chanels once she gets out of her cage, OF COURSE. Denise that was a dumb-ass idea. But I loved how ambiguous it was when Hester and the Green Meanie came face to face. it didn't seem like they were working together, as in from the beginning, like she was a little surprised to see him too, but then they did technically work together. maybe they have been from the beginning though, and that's how Hester knew everything and has been toying the rest with the answers she has. i like both options: she's in on it or she's not. i prefer the latter, but I'm okay with the former.
anyway, i LOVED LOVED LOVED her first scene against the Green Meanie and she's like "I've been up against the Red Devil, you think you SCARE ME? WRONG." and then kicks his ass.
(i have to admit, although i was disappointed, i was a little entertained by her response to him electrocuting her. "there is no heart problems in the Hemphill line!")
i'm hoping come next episode Denise will be shown to not actually be dead, but knowing this show. that's not going to happen. i'm hoping #5 will be dead, but again, i doubt it. she seemed mostly alive by the ending of 2.4

so those are my scrambled thoughts. not much too them, but i needed to vent/gush a little.
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